Friday, June 29, 2007



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respect your elders: part one

big-up respect to this little lady who i spotted at 9.25am along rue de poitou in the 3rd arrondissement this morning. just check her colour and print combination - fifty bucks says dries van noten would be jumping for joy at her savvy-knack for teaming together the whole ensemble. right here is a classic example of what i'm really going to miss about paris when i leave in two weeks time. witnessing that all-important, turbo-inspiring "french madame after-market shopping look."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

catherine and marcus

meet catherine baba and marcus mam.
originally from australia, catherine is a stylist who frequently refers to herself as "she" and describes 99% of things as "gorgeous" or "major and official." she belongs in a woody allen film. in the 6 years i have known her i've never ever seen her fingernails not painted. nor have i ever seen her in flat shoes. she smokes yves saint laurent cigarettes and has a definite savoire-faire for accessories (think second generation lou lou de la falaise). marcus is a turbo-talented photographer who hails from close to ohio, but has been paris-based for several years. as my mother would say, "they broke the mould when they made him." there's something very unique about his spirit, a very kind and super-funny guy. looking at this photo of them together makes me think of the time i first arrived in paris during the late 90's when i would admire them from afar at parties. both of them played a major role in the rise of jeremy scott's career in paris back in the day and they were always really animated characters to watch. as you can kind of notice from their pose, nothing has changed.

Monday, June 25, 2007


beating the heat this past week-end in venice was by no means an easy feat. yet sarah (pictured here trekking between pavillions at the biennale) evidently didn't have a problem looking cool. indeed, peggy guggenheim would have been proud - and dare i say, jealous of her luella bartley/linda farrow white ray bans? a sagittarian in every sense of the word, sarah rocks her own unique style 24/7 and that's what makes her the humble icon of colette. proving the point: the girl has complete carte blanche in choosing any accessory for her wardrobe and so what does she opt for during a week-end getwaway? the PAM/colette canvas bag designed especially for! now that's what i call chic. somebody give the girl another bellini!

Friday, June 22, 2007

apc angels

introducing judith, lily and jessica aka a.p.c angels.
legend has it that behind every great man is an even greater woman. in which case, behind a successful businessman such as a.p.c's jean touitou, you have three: judith, her daughter lily, and jessica ogden. now judith i don't know so well, but she's clearly one of those women who you can see has some spunky intellect about her minus the pretention. she'd have to in order to produce a little angel such as lily here (who is the talk of the town this week following an appearance at her daddy's new a.p.c store opening on rue madame on the left bank). to the right is jessica ogden, the now paris-based designer whose madras collection for the brand is the stuff that magic is made of. together, as one, this photo speaks to me in terms of a great expression which goes: "what you see is where you're at."
now that's what i call happiness.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


nobody rocks a turquoise stussy t-shirt quite as well as our piscean trend-setter, carlos. part-time photographer/part-time heart throb, if he's not telling tourists what they should be listening to at colette (where he reps as the music department maestro), then you're bound to find this kid with an ultra-charismatic chipped front tooth riding around paris on his bike or deejaying at some underground club. carlos is french, but one of his parents is actually of portugese origin (that probably explains why he is able to sport a moustache and ray bans better than most).

no comment

up until this afternoon (just moments prior to spotting this in place du marché st honoré) i always believed i had a pretty good grasp on life and all that comes with it. then i saw this image below and, well, frankly, je comprends rien maitenant.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

french girls

you know that cliché french girl who sits at a cafe smoking gitanes, drinking coffee, flicking her hair, pouting her lips, refusing advances from elderly gentlemen and in general exuding that all-out lolita-esque vibe? well this is her, with her dog.

Monday, June 18, 2007

accessory watch

somebody stop her! ileana shows us how its done: smiley + mickey + stripes + shades = repeat after me: "tout va bien"


some boys opt for all-out bling, others prefer to delve into the mission of sporting gold in more discreet ways. enter christian weinecke and his gold t-shirt and matching shoes combo. i first met christian about 6 months ago through ileana as they work together at comme des garcons (christian does sales, our little lady ileana takes care of textiles). when they take lunch breaks together its usually in the jardin des tuileries and more often than not i pass them laughing and joking around as they pass rue st honoré so i usually take a snapshot of them. christian is one of those rare species who was blessed with a super-strength dose of coolness at birth. the difference between himself and about a million others is that he's evidently managed to maintain it throughout his thirties.

rue de rivoli

because nothing says rue de rivoli quite as poetically as a souvenir shop window display...

Friday, June 15, 2007


as men's fashion week approaches in paris - a time of the year when editors miraculously appear relaxed between shows and emaciated looking stick figures walk the streets in dior jeans - everyone on rue st honoré anxiously awaits the superstrutt of marko matysik.
if he wasn't an accessory designer legend. if he wasn't a spirited beauty reporter for japanese vogue, or if he wasn't such an intriguing conversationalist (be sure to ask him to spill the beans on his meeting with mouna ayoub, the one where he literally sold the shirt off his back), then oh what a world it would be if marko started teaching wannabe models how to prance!
just moments after taking this photo late last year, an elderly english gentleman (who was observing marko as he sauntered along the street on his way to an appointment at colette) remarked how he found the women in paris so remarkably confident. go figure!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

leopard print lady

because more is more. because leopard print will never go out of fashion. because i've been watching this woman consistently for about four years now and i have never ever seen her wearing anything other than this ensemble, regardless of the season (she even sports the leopard tights and bag imprinted with cat breeds). wild thang!


i'm not sure if a more beautiful woman exists other than uslu airlines founder and number one style icon, feride uslu. once upon time she lived in turkey, then she went to new york, and now she's in berlin raising two kids, pumping out brilliant make-up products and making dreams come true with her partner in crime (jan). there's nothing i don't love about feride, she liberates everyone to go that extra mile and that there is the stuff that magic is made of.


alex is the colette library chief and used to be the biggest pessimist i know. that all changed when he found love. he likes ny brand ANYTHING and campy house music. his biggest drawcard however is his artwork: now not many people are aware of this, but he is a really talented illustrator. he also makes amazing mix tapes if you're nice to him...


this one gets a super special mention. ileana is one of my dearest friends and is absolutely one of the most stylish people i know. having left her native greece several years ago, paris has been her home for a while, but lets face it: even the french capital ain't delivering what this little lady deserves these days. she is an incredibly gifted textile designer currently working with comme des garcons and will be featured regularly on my blog so get used to being awe-inspired by her iconic style.


an all-out mac daddy named richard. aged 83. likes eminem (i'm serious). lives around the corner from colette.

frenchy couple

en route from place vendome. because you're never too old for electric blue ponchos teamed with lace stockings and a chanel bag....