Wednesday, December 19, 2007

senior citizen style: prime example

anyone who has been reading this blog over the past few months will know, one of the things i miss most about life in paris is witnessing older women passing you by on the streets. sometimes they are en route to the market or sometimes even on the way back from the hairdresser, going about their business. i'm really inspired by the ways in which they adapt old school style and mish-mash it with modern-looks today. its really difficult randomly spotting such people in LA as everyone is in their cars. but every now and again however, magic makes its presence felt and today it came via this fantastic lady who even paused to check the bus timetable right in front of me, allowing me to get a great shot of what can only be described as the slickest hair-do i've come across in months. fire-engine red versus a white blonde beehive. it doesn't get better than this folks.

tokyo style in effect

LA VS PARIS: that jacket

feride uslu of uslu airlines shows us how its done paris style (jacket by ralph lauren). and below, elanie irwin look-a-like and all-round LA beauty, madame holland, keeps it real working a similar jacket in a different way (j.crew we love you).

Friday, December 14, 2007




one of the most stylish guys strutting the pavement of abbott kinney boulevard in venice beach these days is will from stronghold boutique, who is also featured today striking a separate pose as part of my work with click HERE to view.


paper magazine just named me west coast contributing editor. score! for LA party coverage starting today with evidence of the kiki de montparnasse opening on melrose avenue tuesday evening, click HERE

Wednesday, December 12, 2007




i'm as anti-fur as stella mccartney but damn it, its impossible not to be pro-jen krasinski as this little lady seriously ranks as one of the coolest women i've met in LA thus far.


following weeks of obsessive behavior, my lovely australian friend lara just invested in her first-ever miu miu bag. let us rejoice!


visiting stylist from paris vanessa bellugeon teams a shearling jacket with colored tights, a multi-print etro dress and a shemog scarf, reinforcing the sentiment that sometimes the french do it better in more ways than one.

Monday, December 10, 2007

london flower market: flashback

these guys should team up as an action-comedy duo who solve mysteries happening within the north london flower market (where i snapped both of them several months ago).