Monday, June 29, 2009

i never loved new york city as much as i do today

reason #1: on the upper west side kids hide in newspaper dispenser's and play practical jokes on passers by.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the men whose phone has gotta be ringing hot about now: quincy jones

mayhem in L.A right now: farrah fawcett + michael jackson

i just passed a cafe with an outdoor terrace, went to the post office and returned some books to the library and at all three places the only conversation i could detect was peppered with two names: farrah fawcett (who passed away earlier this morning) and michael jackson (who, according to cnn right now, is in a coma). at last count, i spotted six helicopters hovering in the sky. there's nothing quite like being in L.A when a celebrity (or two) heads up to heaven. here, interpretations of them both, respectively, courtesy of another late, great icon, andy warhol.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

birthday belle!!!!!

this is jain moralee. she is one of my muses. she lives in australia. we grew up in adelaide together though we didn't really know one another too well back then. my favorite recollection of her is very vivid. it was around 11.30pm on a week night at a bar in hindley street in the west end with spearmint green tiles. i forget the name of it. i think tom abbott was deejaying when i heard that all-too familiar piano rift at the beginning of stevie wonder's 'boogie on reggae woman' when suddenly across jives jain moralee and i have never seen such a fine performance of inner (and outer) groove happening for all the world to admire. it really was a moment and i know i wasn't the only one transfixed by this act of appreciation for stevie. you say dance, jain says 'hell yes'.
all good my friends, all good.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liz & Dita (special dedication to OZ)

Liz, Dita & Rosetta

Liz Goldwyn, Delinlee and the fantastic Dimitri from Sunset Towers...

special dedication: jose parla "reading through seeing"

jose parla rules! and so does his incredible new catalogue "reading through seeing" which arrived on my doorstep today. let me tell you, there is nothing quite as cool as receiving a special dedication from any creative individual concerning a particular career accomplishment. it reminds me how important it is to appreciate life and the milestones that continue to present themselves on a day-to-day basis. that's kind of how i feel about jose's work, its super-poignant and these flashes of color and texture make me want to learn about art and history and technique and, in short, jose is like some modern-day messiah of sorts, a real artist with a real outlook on life. respect, bravo and merci to jose!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

beverly hills doesn't have graffiti but it does have this...

two brilliantly beautiful women with turkish roots: feride & yaz


flashback: with liz goldwyn in paris (january 2009)

dina 'women of fashion 2009: the biggest load of wank you will read this year just released their annual 'women of fashion 2009' listing and i have no hesitation whatsoever in stating that its the biggest load of wank you are bound to read this year. among the dull-as-dishwater, clone-looking line-up there are two black women in the list - we're in america, wtf? clearly the list of panelists are either on crack, delusional or completely out of touch with reality (the general consensus among the female-dominated fashion industry is that it most definitely wreaks of the third suggestion). wake up boys, you're wasting valuable online time! file under: lame.