Thursday, October 25, 2007


too hot for LA, perfect for PARIS: trend prediction


aka liseanne frankfurt, a jewellery designer in LA. now i don't know her so well, but this shot reminds me of those beautiful statues you stumble across when walking through the streets of florence in italy. there's definite grace in her expression. and that's rare.


every girl dreams of finding a best friend. especially when you make the move to a new country. you know, the kind of person you can talk to for hours about vintage mercedes cars, maria callas, richard burton and elizabeth taylor, etc. for me in LA, this friend is gregory parkinson. he rules!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007



tommy saleh aka an incredibly sought-after professional working in hospitality for grand (of soho grand, tribeca grand fame etc etc).


bill boiz knows how to work it. i met him last week at smashbox studios where he turned up every day for los angeles fashion week in a different get-up. one day he was dapper dandy, the next he worked a scottish tartan ensemble like none other. in paying hommage to both his aristocratic background and his entrepreneurial showmanship, his self-titled label is named prince william. and if it succeeds in getting guys out of ripped jeans which hang below their butt, then it can only be a good thing now can't it?



ursula manages the new york marni store. she loves the italian brand for its techno fabrics. i'd like to see a comic character inspired by this photo of her.



"i just moved to LA three weeks ago. i'm a stylist and a personal chef" says nina clemente.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

LA fashion week: natalie

LA fashion week: ashley

LA fashion week: samantha

LA fashion week: jeremy + pablo

LA fashion week: christian

he of the christian louboutin fanfare. naturally. i love this shot! check the pulling fan from the left and his fist on the right. christian keeps it real, y'all!

LA fashion week: jeremy scott's after-party

LA fashion week: matt

do you ever get the feeling that everyone you meet these days is a stylist? well matt really is a stylist and everyone tells me he's one of the best and most respected here in LA. if his work is as good as his jokes are funny then we're in for some serious respect calls so watch this space for more of him in the future.

LA fashion week: michelle

LA fashion week: katy and tony

designer katy rodriguez and her main man, skateboarding legend tony alva, are what you could call a definite golden couple here in LA. katy played the part of saviour for me in a big way last night after i spent 90 minutes in a cab with a driver who didn't know where he was going. i finally arrived at a party for cartier in beverly hills to report on it for, only to be denied entry. "there are only fifteen minutes remaining. we've already had a lot of press" said some dweeb of a try-hard PR at the door. "we've had red carpet, in style magazine, etc" were his exact words.

now let us not be primadonna here. but let's remember that, the online home of vogue, is the number one fashion web site on the internet. how does denied entry at a fashion week event even make its way into this equasion?
welcome to LA!

back to katy, after the cartier incident, my only remaining hope to get shots in on time for a 9am send-off the next morning was a jeremy scott after-party. cabless on rodeo drive, i was five seconds short of a panic attack when lo and behold, katy calls out my name from the backseat of a car stopped at a red light beside me. i ask if she's heading to jeremy's party. she says yes and offers me a ride. the right place at the right time? hmm..maybe. but i still think katy is an angel.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LA fashion week: kristina m

sixteen year-old model kristina m (distant cousin of christiane f for namesake purposes perhaps?) obligingly poses on her way to walk in the ed hardy show at smashbox studios yesterday.

LA fashion week: marylouise

posso spat-maker (if that is indeed such a word), part-time deejay and full-time gorgeous lady, marylouise isn't afraid of a little leotard over the top of the tights action.

LA fashion week: elaine

ok, so her name is not actually elaine as such, but crikey! isn't she an outright doppelganger of the famed model from once upon a time, elaine irwin? spotted at the jesse kamm event last night with a group of fantastic friends (rare in LA, i assure you), this little lady just moved from nyc, earns a living as a stylist, and works this preppy J Crew blazer one hundred times better than most.