Tuesday, July 31, 2007


i know i officially dedicated this week as "all boys" on the blog and all, but marcella here is simply too delovely to wait for. i discovered her on saturday afternoon as she was changing around the window display in the store for which she works
(one of my favourite new labels) named "built by wendy." not only was she mega-accomodating in having her snapshot taken but she posed like a pro. and that's cool.


someone got hit with the good looking stick at birth. presenting randy. nineteen year-old stussy sales guy. former supreme intern. this kid is headed for stardom (with his moustache). his face belongs on billboards.

Monday, July 30, 2007


some men are destined to wear color. chris is one of them. a self-confessed "jack of all trades. master of none" when he's not art directing for union in LA, he's strutting his stuff around town cracking jokes, spreading the positive vibe and showing off his angelic-looking kids. born in canada, living the life in LA. red, white and blue rarely looks this good.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007


because printed dresses and bold nail polish are always a good, left-of-centre look. particularly in a place like LA where block colors seemingly reign supreme amid the masses. i probably spoke with shana for about a minute after meeting her earlier this week. to describe her as "bubbly" is an understatement. several moments after speaking with her, three people told me her mother looks exactly like dolly parton.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


the color purple suddenly becomes all the more alluring courtesy of crystal, who celebrated her birthday in LA last night. she reminds me of an artist's muse. i can imagine some modern-day kandinsky becoming obsessed with her for some reason. here's lookin' at you dear lady.

when the accessory becomes the outfit

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

paris vs LA: its all about the cane..

same same but different. the more i shoot, the more i notice parallels between both paris style and LA looks. here, its all about the cane as the top shot was captured earlier this afternoon in LA. the bottom image was taken two weeks ago in paris.

ps: today i received an email from i-D magazine notifying me that they will feature my blog in an upcoming issue. for each and every one of you whose eyes continue to follow these paragraphs of text, thank you for your support and importantly, for spreading the word. delinlee shoots for YOU!

most interesting mannequin: part three

golyester pizazz in effect.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


"the most memorable style icons were during the bazaar epoque between the years 1958 - 1966." take it from a lady who gives good vintage - its been in her family since 1972 so when zoe speaks, you're well advised to listen. nuff' said. zoe manages golyester, a vintage store on south la brea which clearly takes the cake as heaven on earth for any fashion fan. watch this space for further photographic evidence of such a sentiment over the following week ahead.


twenty-one year old new york-based university students rarely come more comical than ilona, let me tell you. obsessed by the authenticity of her lacoste vintage shades (picked up browsing through markets in istanbul last summer), this one clearly has a savvy-knack for accessorising. check the old-school fendi bag shape by the way, classic!

Friday, July 20, 2007

joy vs mona: the little black dress

meet the ladies of south la brea avenue in los angeles. joy (top) is an official sneaker innuendo working at the cult-trainer emporium named union. mona works next door at stussy and draws quirky illustrations in her spare time. both of them are among the first couple of interesting girls i've met in LA so far. expect to see more of them on this blog in the future as the adventure continues...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

stranger series: beverly hills

because suede indian mocassins and aqua-colored supreme bags look kinda funky together.

most interesting mannequin: part two

neiman marcus strikes yet again.....

most interesting mannequin: part one

earlier today i hit the beverly hills area to suss out the merchandising tactics of big-gun department stores and was, well, disappointed to say the least. that was until i entered neiman marcus where their ground floor visual displays made me go gaa-gaa. check out the 30's anais nin-styled stocking socks - super-chouette!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

paris vs LA: let the games begin

red, white and blue: bring it on (via a vintage mannequin spotted outside a second-hand furniture store in venice beach).

Thursday, July 12, 2007


a real-life walking, talking, tattooed emily the strange in effect. except her name is diane. and she's a sales assistant in paris.
ps: that is not her scooter in the background but i would LOVE to see diane decked out in not so much chanel but the lagerfeld gallery line. both herself and caroline lebar (maxi-cool androgynous-looking muse of lagerfeld gallery line) would be perfect together in a photo shoot.

Monday, July 9, 2007

teenage tourist in paris

because nothing says paris on a monday afternoon quite like a teenage tourist sporting a souvenir t-shirt with a plastic bauble necklace. pure class.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


for anyone who was dining at ladurée on rue royale saturday afternoon i would sincerely like to apologize for my calamity jane-styled exit down the rickety staircase at around 3pm. the reason behind such a hasty departure was in fact because i spotted alice rawsthorn leaving the restaurant and i really wanted her on my blog. growing up in australia i remember watching a four-part series in the early 90's called "the look" in which alice commentated on the fashion industry. her opinion was law. i recorded all four parts of the series and probably watched it at least a thousand times. in addition to having written for everyone from the financial times to the international herald tribune, alice is regarded as a visionary amongst the design industry having worked as a museum director, gallery trustee and so on. when i told her i had just run out of ladurée to get the picture she posed obligingly and asked about what i do before finally wishing me luck in LA. its official: alice rawsthorn rules!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


all hail julie verhoeven! spotted on saint-honoré this afternoon in paris, this is maybe the third or fourth time i've photographed julie in the last couple of years. the dutch born artist/designer who resides in london ranks highly as a refreshingly down to earth young woman who will pretty much talk to anyone that recognizes her. she has this really open side to her personality that is rare with artists today. team that together with the fact that her artwork is currently splashed over a collection of lancome lip gloss packaging, and what you've got right there is a little lesson: work hard, culture your craft, express yourself, seem a dream, prove real and success is yours for the taking...well, for another season at least.

fifi et sa fille

quite simply, the happiest mother (legendary lingerie queen fifi chachnil) and teenage daughter i've seen walking the streets of paris together in a very, very long time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


julia works for german vanity fair. i met her yesterday in colette and between us we probably conversed for about 30 seconds in total (including the part where i asked her if i could take her photo). i know nothing about this girl but i like her style and she looks to me as if she could have been a cubist muse of some sort from back in the day.


no explaination necessary. feride uslu of uslu airlines. style icon of turkish origin. mother. dancer. life lover. legend.