Sunday, July 8, 2007


for anyone who was dining at ladurée on rue royale saturday afternoon i would sincerely like to apologize for my calamity jane-styled exit down the rickety staircase at around 3pm. the reason behind such a hasty departure was in fact because i spotted alice rawsthorn leaving the restaurant and i really wanted her on my blog. growing up in australia i remember watching a four-part series in the early 90's called "the look" in which alice commentated on the fashion industry. her opinion was law. i recorded all four parts of the series and probably watched it at least a thousand times. in addition to having written for everyone from the financial times to the international herald tribune, alice is regarded as a visionary amongst the design industry having worked as a museum director, gallery trustee and so on. when i told her i had just run out of ladurée to get the picture she posed obligingly and asked about what i do before finally wishing me luck in LA. its official: alice rawsthorn rules!

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