Sunday, May 24, 2009

jackie by warhol (1964)

javier and bruce

i should really explain this shot as all of the blood etc isn't at all delinlee delovely style! so the guy in the red t-shirt is the lovely galerist javier peres who i completely adore. this shot was taken last night at the peres projects show by director / artist bruce la bruce "untitled hardcore zombie project." the installation room was supposed to resemble a zombie setting and was covered in ketchup.


this is a very special shot of famed french (porn) actor francois sagat just minutes before he participated in a live photo shoot with bruce la bruce at peres projects. um, we don't need to be experts to see the sadness in this guy's eyes. cloudy mindset for sure...

javier peres

tony ward

i know he's an actor, i know he's madonna's ex, but i can't post a shot of tony ward without telling you how charismatic this guy was when i spoke to him. very sweet and obliging and interesting and, well, i mean look at that face, look at that stance: they don't make 'em like that anymore folks - that glance spells trouble!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

viva espanol!!!!

delinlee keeps the spanish vibe alive via the sartorialist camera lens (as posted today on his SITE)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

selby does wood

kudos to todd selby for his new, super-delovely shots of aussie designer natalie wood at her home in bronte. click HERE for an appreciation session.


all hail kim hastreiter

paper magazine's kim hastreiter is one of the craftiest women in the publishing business. not only is her ear to the ground, her ideas command respect with every turn they take. such is the case concerning her latest quest: an open call to select artists to rebrand america. the results are featured within the may issue of paper magazine, which is where i found a quote from stephen 'espo' powers which i thought quite, um, interesting let's say.

"america needs no rebranding - we just need to remind people that we're a nation of 300 million that all know how to say, 'fuck you, pay me.'"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jean-philippe delhomme for president!!!

you see folks, this is the beauty of life and communication and blogging and quantum physics, if you like. A praises B on her blog (A being moi, B being jean-philippe delhomme), then B somehow miraculously comes across it and returns the favor by
posting a link. nice one. taking it one step further, B illustrates scott and garance, whilst A photographs them to show the accurate nature of the artists interpretation. brilliant!