Sunday, January 11, 2009

bettina, jessica and dinco


Anonymous said...

Street Style blogs have been around fo' evah! Dont be discouraged thats like saying you wont write another fashion story cause there are one million being written every 2 minutes. ASHASEDVIEWOFFASHION.COM is enough of a fashion blog that perhaps makes the rest of these blogs dull. I guess everyone needs a hobby. Keep up the good work :)

delinlee delovely said...

awww...thank you for the support and for hitting send on that comment. diane from ashadedview is the queen and you're totally right with your valid points. i was somewhat discouraged by the recent ny times article on street style blogs to be honest, but after meeting albert maysles and listening to him tell me that 'grey gardens' was canned by ny times when it was released i realized, yeah, none of that matters. its all good. and so i keep on snapping....thanks again - bless you in 09!

maicher said...

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