Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how many degrees??

i love the story of what has taken place since my posting on the colette x ROXY x chi-chi menendez story yesterday...

1. chi-chi (pictured here, in st tropez last year attempting to mask herself with her boyfriend) sends me shots of the ROXY x cynthia rowley windows in paris that she designed.

2. style.com picks up on it and links it in their news feed section HERE

3. cynthia rowley's PR department contact me this morning to kindly thank me for the mention. pictured below, bill powers aka rowley's hubby (sorry folks, i'm yet to have cynthia in front of my lens but you get the picture anyway).

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Aurore Leblanc said...

for a second i thought you were there and we missed! enjoy coachella my dear! i skipped this year, still can't figure out if this decision is the wisest vs the foolishest of 2010... anyway, bisous!