Wednesday, March 7, 2012

part one: rudi gernreich x peggy moffitt x william claxton fever!!

the sublime pacific design center in los angeles currently plays host to a recently opened exhibit named "the total look." the show's purpose? "to explore the creative collaboration between rudi gernreich, peggy moffitt and william claxton." when i first heard about the show i started to sweat (well, sort of). do yourself a favor and google each of the aforementioned names if you don't already know them as they're all icons in their own right. the exhibit experience started at the ground floor bookshop; check out taschen's tomb-like ode to william claxton's work via JAZZ. his portraits of miles davis and anita o'day are truly epic. and what about the select pieces from the 2004 comme des garcons x peggy moffitt collection? one of which left with me in my bike basket and i hereby swear right here right now no more impulse purchases until i get to melbourne in may...

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